Gluten-free greatest hits

And now a break from regular programming… As a Gluten Free Busy Person, I’ve learned a lot of tricks about how to eat delicious (vegetarian, and often vegan) gluten free meals on the go. (and by “on the go” I mean “from your office kitchenette.”) The first thing you will need is an epic rice [...]

Why Priority Inbox doesn’t work for me (or, how to use multiple inboxes like a neuroscientist)

No, this post isn’t about Google’s ability to understand which messages are important to me, nor is it about how the intricacies of having this feature will or won’t make my life easier. It’s about neuroscience. Looking at cognition through neuroscience, there is a cognitive tax on switching tasks — an unavoidable cost of time [...]

Drumbeat Boston

Editor’s note: I wasn’t about to let school start this fall without posting some photos and a writeup from Drumbeat Boston — I had a fantastic time throwing the event, and wheels are already in motion for a potential round II with the lovely guys and gals in NYC. Drumbeat Boston was fantastic! Thanks to everyone [...]

Please take my survey

I’m starting preliminary research on people’s perception of different types of media. If you have a few minutes, please take my survey. Would love your thoughts and feedback in this format before I launch a larger-scale version of this. (with, of course a less biased sample than my readership :)


I’m figuring out what to do with my life in the year between now and (hopefully) being at a PhD program fall 2011. I’d like to outline my principles, so that I can have a benchmark, guiding point and even a place to record any changes in my outlook as I do more research and [...]

Mozilla Drumbeat is…

… hard to describe. I’m trying to capture the essence of the open web movement so that it’s accessible to non-web people. I think, with the help of @msurman, @moltke, Geoffrey Macdougall, @herhighnessness, @openmatt, @alina_mierlus,@gameguy43 and many others, I’ve gotten pretty close. What follows is a snapshot of the current Mozilla Drumbeat description on the [...]

Facebook (un)Adoption Rates

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Facebook changed it’s Privacy Policy and also the way it leverages user’s profile information and web browsing habits to interact with the so-called “social web.” You’re probably also familiar with the 2006 News Feed fiasco, the Facebook Beacon fail and the fact that Facebook wasn’t profitable [...]


…and to think, I sometimes claim to be the ‘only Dharmishta on the internet’

Ada Lovelace Inspirations

Ada Lovelace was the first programmer, and she conceptualized a large part of computer science today. In her honor, men and women around the globe are blogging and tweeting today about their favorite women in science and technology. The first woman programmer I met was my mom. She worked with databases in the 70s using [...]

Privacy Norms Emerging

Privacy has been in the news quite a lot lately–I’m excited to see privacy norms materialize, and watching in real-time how companies negotiate the need to be networked with the emerging rules of privacy norms. The ACLU of Northern California (and originators of released a primer on privacy and free speech entitled Privacy and [...]

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