Gluten-free greatest hits

And now a break from regular programming…

As a Gluten Free Busy Person, I’ve learned a lot of tricks about how to eat delicious (vegetarian, and often vegan) gluten free meals on the go. (and by “on the go” I mean “from your office kitchenette.”)

The first thing you will need is an epic rice cooker. One with a digital timer, so you can have your little rice-cooking robot start your lunch (or for that matter, dinner and midnight snacks) while you’re still hard at work. Because, why do work that a robot can do for you?

I recommend this one, mostly because it can bake you a cake. (I’ve tried the “cake” setting — it really works!) (And yes, that’s me shamelessly giving you an Amazon Affiliate link.)

The next thing you’ll need are some grains and beans (complete protein, of course) or perhaps just some fair-trade quinoa (complete protein, too).

Once you have all the supplies, you can heat ghee or coconut oil (higher smoke point than your average vegetarian cooking oils) and add spices to the oil. You can heat the oil by turning on “Cooking” mode in the rice cooker for a few minutes. Once you reach optimal heat and aroma (usually 2-5 min), you can add your grains and beans (so far everything has been fine on the regular “rice” setting), the required amount of water and even add chopped vegetables or tofu. (the vegetables will steam as the grains/beans cook. It’s magical!) I’ve found that to steam the vegetables, there is no need to add extra water, as steam occurs while the grains/beans cook.

That covers lunch and dinner, but what about breakfast?

There’s a gluten-free solution for that, too. It’s Raw Meal, a delicious, nutritious mix best when added to smoothies or just in milk or milk substitute. (Be mindful about whether your milk substitute is organic — sometimes the non-organic milk substitues can be made with intense pesticides.) In addition to having a lot of protein, each scoop is about equivalent to 1/2 a food-based multivitamin daily dose.

What about bread, or chocolate cake?

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread has fantastic bread recipes. The breads can be turned into “dinner rolls” which, in addition to being tasty, drastically shortens the baking time.

Another favorite is this focaccia recipe, and this carob/chocolate cupcake/cake recipe.

And of course, don’t forget collapsible BPA-free containers and a titanium spork for your leftovers.

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