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New Design

Welcome to the newly designed dharmishta.com. If you’re reading this via RSS, you will continue to get updates from my same blog, just with a new look and (self-hosted wordpress) location. I’m still grappling with the design a bit–finding hidden pages, javascript enabled classes and learning all the ways a sideways search bar can break [...]


I came across an interesting (and huge!) list of acronyms on netlingo.com. I created a list of terms and definitions the site’s definitions that I found: *Culturally interesting (indicative of cultural phenomena or paradigms) *Technologically referential (taking certain degree of technological understanding) *Funny My comments are (in the parenthesis). ! I have a comment*$ Starbucks02 [...]

Web Ecology Iran Election report has been live since Friday!

Link: Web Ecology Iran Election report has been live since Friday! If you haven’t checked it out yet, follow the link! Key Findings From 7 June 2009 until the time of publication (26 June 2009), we have recorded 2,024,166 tweets about the election in Iran. Approximately 480,000 users have contributed to this conversation alone. 59.3% [...]

Networked Reading (first edition)

Editor’s note: this is my first pass at defining networked reading, so I’m open to comments and suggestions, this is in no way final. :) I define networked reading as the viewing of written or image-based content produced in an online environment wherein the option of user participation is possible and content is saved and [...]

Sweet Valley Twins: Reading to Understand Contemporary Social Networks

Editor’s note: I’m cross-posting this from Henry Jenkins’ blog where it was published today. I spent most of my youth surrounded by the pages of books. I read a lot of things, Babysitters Club, Anastasia, books about children and teens that loved animals. I tried to get caught up in the boxcar children, but I [...]

A few questions about college journalism over at C4FCM

Link: A few questions about college journalism over at C4FCM Thinking through college media at the Center for Future Civic Media…

Casual dating in an age of ubiquitous computing

Against my better judgement I’ve decided to document questions I have, in my “real life” here on my blog. The internet does not lend itself well to “casual” or “intermittent,” it’s a bit opposite to the term ubiquitous computing. I carried my laptop with me my first year in college, far before it was cool [...]

I’m thinking of getting business cards that say “series-of-tubes theorist other ideas include “social media consultant” “new media theorist” “cyborg anthropologist” (this one is already taken) “memetic engineer” “alche’meme’ist” “robot psychologist” “social mediation specialist” “cultural network professional” “post-geek technologist.” But seriously, I don’t know what to call myself. I’m open to suggestions.

Screen cleaner

Link: Screen cleaner

News roundup

Google introduces Gmail Autopilot by CADIE Whole Foods introduces new products Youtube changes their viewing experience The Guardian to be published exclusivley on Twitter Bjork and Led Zepplin join forces Picasa adds additional features and Toshiba introduces a new technology for dogs via mediabistro, Millie and Akwhitacre